introduction to power couple press



This blog section will be your main source of recent updates and progresses of our journey as a new small press and distro. We thought that it would be most appropriate to do a wee introduction of ourselves. So here are the questions we assume you’ll ask;

  • Who the hell are you?

    Our names are Nathaniel Walpole and Aki Hassan. We are two artists based in Glasgow, UK and we make comics too.

  • Why are you doing this?

    We have a deep love for making/collecting zines and comics yet did not have an appropriate platform to share them. Power Couple Press came about pretty naturally as the two of us have similar interests and tastes, our goal is to participate in and develop the small press and comics community - with an eye for interesting, honest and artful drawing and storytelling.

  • Where do you see this project going?

    Right now, we see ourselves travelling around the UK to different zine/comic fairs, sharing with you work by us and artists that we love. We also hope to publish some anthologies in the near future, so you can look forward to that too!

  • Where else can we find you?

    We have an instagram and facebook @powercouplepress. You can also contact us at for any information.

Power Couple Press is our brainchild as two independent artists in Glasgow, UK, as an opportunity to distribute work that we believe in and possibly, publish work in the future.