Power Couple Press Launch @ Good Press


We had a wonderful launch at Good Press the other day! Thank you so much for joining us. At the launch, we shared our self-published zines, “Narcissus: Book 1” and “Dysphoria Diarrhea”. We also introduced what Power Couple Press is and what our vision is for this project. Just so you know, we’ve yet to publish any zines by other artists. It is a dream of ours to do so in the future when financial stability happens ;-)

Following the opening, we were at Glasgow Zine Fair 2019 the next weekend. It was absolutely busy. Massive thank you for having us, #GZF2019. Here’s a cute pic of Aki at the booth:


We are currently working on our online shop and trying to make comics/zines available for you all. Thank you for showering us with love & support both online and in real life. We really take it to heart & are very grateful for it. Look forward to more zine fairs <3